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Colin Bell is a PGA Professional & Personal trainer who major’s in all Titleist Performance Institute certifications.  Based in Belfast’s prestigious Shandon Park Golf Club, he is providing a coaching service that is second to none.

He is a determined and enthusiastic coach who will challenge and motivate you.  His unique style of coaching makes him greatly sought after, helping players develop from grass roots level to playing professional.

With over 10 years’ experience as a  fully fledged PGA teaching professional & one of the first the first people in Ireland to gain certification with the Titleist Performance Institute you can be guaranteed expert advice to help you improve your golf game.

If you think golf is not an athletic sport you can think again! The golf swing is an explosive one sided movement that will place tremendous stress on your body.  So if you are playing week to week, competitively or non-competitively you will create muscle imbalances & muscle imbalances will dramatically reduce power production and create injuries!

Injuries will prevent you from playing!
Deprivation of golf leads to depression!

To ensure both your enjoyment and golfing longevity, get booked in to commence your long term golf performance program.

The initial assessment will consist of a movement screen that will highlight any muscle imbalances or weakness followed by a fitness assessment that will include an appraisal of your strength, cardiovascular capacity, flexibility & balance and a technical evaluation of your golf swing.

So if you:

Want longer drives
Want faster ball speed
Want a greater smash factor
Want to stay injury free
Want to enjoy the game for longer



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